History & Mission

Established in 1978, Vernon Child Development Center is committed to positively impacting families in our community by providing safe, nurturing, trusted care for all children. Our childcare started as a mission of the First United Presbyterian Church of Vernon. While we promote strong Christian values, there is no religious curriculum or formal religious teachings.

We want every child in our care to develop a sense of worth and self-esteem. We are committed to providing child care programs where children develop to their fullest potential through play and learning activities. We realize each child differs in rate of development and past experiences. Our goal is to recognize these differences and accommodate our programs to provide for all children.

We also believe in solid communication with parents, and want you to feel comfortable leaving your child in our care. We are proud of our 'Open Door' policy here at the Center, which allows for parents to check-in on their children, and us, during regular Center hours. We also provide two Parent-Teacher conferences a year, to ensure a solid relationship between parent and teacher.

Key Highlights of the Center

  • Both our facility and staff are State Licensed and Young Star Certified
  • Licensing Agents regularly visit our facility to assure we are meeting all state requirements
  • We have an “Open Door” Policy – Parents are welcomed to check in on their children anytime
  • We have a secure entrance (key pad) and parents are required to sign in/out their child(ren)
  • Large, convenient parking lot provides easy, short walk into facility
  • The Center is open on those occasional Off Days at school, even snow days (weather permitting)
  • This facility is an equal opportunity provider.